Custom event

A unique moment. We can odorize your event or develop an unforgettable multisensory event to make it an integral experience.

We design and implement special events for companies that want to send a different message. We use the odor so that an ordinary event becomes an act that cannot be forgotten.

For this we have agreements with some of the most exclusive brands in the high-end perfumery and author market.

The perfect complement to reinforcing brand image, product launching or any marketing or commercial purpose, but always with the ultimate aim of aligning purpose and scent.


Perfumery Bar

 Let our experts guide you through the fascinating world of perfumes to discover the most unique essences from the east and the west.

A dream for the nose, which will awaken your most animal instincts, your olfactory memories and your curiosity about the infinite potential of this perfume universe.

The most exclusives perfumes, most luxurious brands, the latest releases and the fragrances that make people who want to start in this world fall in love. We have the selection you are looking for!

After a Perfumery Bar, you will only want another one!

Team Building

Motivate, involve, train, create ties and have fun with your team.

Use scent as a tool to turn people who work together into high-performance teams by implementing sensory marketing techniques.

You will get the tools to define the true objectives and facilitate their fulfillment.

A completely different and fun activity that will achieve having integrated teams, motivated towards a common goal and productive.

A sensory experience that will change your way of working!

Custom events:

By Purpose:

Do you really know how smell works? Why do people react animallically to aromas? What makes smells move us back in time and make us relive a situation as if it were happening now? Can the scent be used for commercial purposes?

Solve many of these questions and others through our experts and discover a sensory universe.

By Notes:

Would you like to discover the fascinating world behind your perfume? What makes up that scent that accompanies you every day?

We make events based solely on a certain note or notes, their characteristics, types and applications.

By Objectives:

Do you want to sell more, be more efficient, encourage creativity, create pleasant work environments, promote communication …?

Odor plays an important role in all of this. Which of all the aromas will be the one that helps you achieve your goal?

These events clarify the importance of odor in achieving objectives and how to use it to make purposes more easily achievable. In addition, practical cases will be developed to understand better the theory.


Explain what you want and we will create an event suitable to your needs and preferences.

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