Dynamic Consultancy

We are people in motion

We help individual clients or groups of people align purpose and scent.

It can be done individually or focusing on groups with the same purpose: sales forces, departments, etc…

Assessments can be made on existing products in the market or customized odors can be designed.

Static Assessment

Business Success, the memory of a place

We help you find the olfactory message aligned with the purpose of your company so that your office, store, hotel or event is recognizable, different, memorable and reinforces your goals.

We can recommend existing and proven odors that work or design and implement unique odors just for you.

  • Brand preference projects
  • Business odotype
  • Olfactory Neuromarketing
  • Olfactory memorization
  • Technical training for companies


A custom event, a unique moment

We design and implement special events for companies that want to send a different message.

We use the odor so that an ordinary event becomes an act that cannot be forgotten.

  • Perfumery bar
  • Odorized Events
  • Team Buildings
  • Sensory dinners

Business Strategy & Training

A new business approach

Get an unstoppable sales strategy.

We align the business message with the human capital of your company, making the commercial experience become a unique and unforgettable experience.

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We activate and reinforce the objective of your brand, personal or business, through the optimal use of smell.